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Creating Joy in Life and Aging
…by Caring, Connecting and Celebrating.


Creating Joy in Life and Aging
…by Caring, Connecting and Celebrating.

Welcome to Trellis Seniors Services

Just like a garden trellis, we are the structure in the background. Trellis Seniors Services Ltd. is a management services company that focuses on meeting the needs of aging seniors. We provide a wide array of services including operational leadership, processes and systems to guide decisions and operate the homes. We pursue evidence-based best practice and we are driven to be recognized as a high quality organization. We work in an exclusive arrangement with our clients.

We design, build and operate care homes. Our journey to serve seniors starts with the planning stage of turning each building into a home. We select locations where seniors can stay connected to the surrounding community. We purposefully design small neighborhood groupings that are cozy and comforting as well as safe and efficient. We research and incorporate best practices into our layout and finishes.

Trellis Seniors Services
Trellis Team

We live by our values. As a family-owned company, we have grown a culture that creates joy in life and aging…by caring, connecting and celebrating. We have an exceptional team of knowledge leaders who are passionate about serving seniors.

We provide person and family-centre care which focuses on the resident at the core of our services with engagement and support by others, including the family. We follow standards of best practice as being the right way to work. As a high quality organization, we actively monitor and review our work to continuously grow and improve.

We are proud to be Trellis and we give thanks to the many wonderful people who define us and share a desire to contribute to life in this unique and meaningful way. We welcome your input on our services and look forward to meeting you.

Our Care and Services

Our Vision is to create joy in life and aging for the seniors we serve and for families, visitors, our team, our community as well as for each other. Our services follow best practices in person and family-centred care and our modern beautiful homes are comfortable and supportive within a safe secure surrounding.

We know we can make a difference and our mission is caring, connecting and celebrating. Through gentle holistic care, we honor the dignity and individuality of the resident. We connect with things that truly matter. And we take the time to celebrate and give thanks.

Read on to learn more about Our Services.

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Trellis Seniors - meet our team

Meet Our Team

The Trellis team is different and we’re proud of it. We believe in our mission and we work hard to create joy in life and aging. We care and serve from our hearts. We listen carefully and lend a hand to others that need support. We stay positive and help others find the joy, even in times of challenge.

We love to connect and we thrive in an inclusive safe environment. We laugh together, solve challenges as a team and make meaningful connections with others. And we work to see the joy in the everyday things, big and small. We celebrate the big events in life as well as the special gifts in life’s little moments too.

We invite you to read more about Our Team and to learn about the leadership team at the home near you.

Gemstone Leadership
Hamilton Leadership
Creekstone Leadership

Our Care Homes

Gemstone Care Centre
Gemstone Care Centre


Gemstone Care Centre
Hamilton Village Care Centre


Hamilton Village
Creekstone Care Centre, North Vancouver
Creekstone Care Centre

North Vancouver

Creekstone Care Centre


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