Trellis Seniors Services is a family-owned BC business that creates joy in life & aging.

We provide funded and private nursing care to seniors that need 24-7 care. We partner with BC health authorities to provide accessible funded care as well as limited private care.

An important thing to know about us is that we live according to our vision and values – they define who we are and what we stand for.

We focus on our residents and their well-being. It is residents you who give the directions and we look for residents to be involved in their care and living decisions – and to have their family participate too. We value ‘safety first’ as the best way to prevent harm but not at the cost of giving up on life’s enjoyment. Each of us take risks as a normal part of living which we support by working to deliver safe resident care within these agreed and managed risks.

We want resident’s family and friends to feel welcome and join in as much as possible at this, your new home! We have a great team and they provide exceptional care and service. Our promise is to operate in a professional way at all times and that commitment extends beyond our team to include residents, families, visitors, and all partners. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and without causing harm.

We expect residents to hold us accountable for our delivering on our commitments. We want you residents to relax knowing that they are safe and that they are receiving care according to best practices and healthcare-evidence. We know that residents will be comfortable living in our care homes and will enjoy the people, the events, the amenities and good times that we create together.

Thank you for your interest in joining our community!

More than a Name

The name ‘Trellis’ is very purposeful as it helps describe who we are. A garden trellis is a solid structure that is carefully crafted but not intended to be visible. Rather, it is the flowers and vines that are beautiful when supported by the trellis because without it, they could not thrive.

Similarly, Trellis is the leadership, processes and systems that we, as an organization, have in place to support and promote best practice and exceptional care & service. This allows the unique mix of people who live and work with us to thrive through caring, friendship and love which give meaning to life. Welcome to Trellis!

Vision & Values
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