The Creekstone Care Centre Team

This is Team Creekstone. Yes, we are different and we’re proud of it! Everyone in our team believes in creating joy ….for our seniors and for each other. One way is by caring. We care by speaking and acting with kindness. We listen carefully, are inclusive, lend a hand to others that need support, stay positive and help others find the joy in difficult situations.

Connecting also creates joy. We are human beings and we thrive when we have the right people around us. Joy at work comes from having a friend on the team and by feeling that you are connected to others. We laugh together, solve challenges as a team and make meaningful connections with others, seniors and families included.

Joy loves a good party! So, let’s celebrate the big milestones and the small ones too. We appreciate all things, big and small. Often we toast only the big events in life but in reality, there is often something special about the little things too. At Creekstone Care Centre we want to be the best care home at celebrating.

Meet our leadership team

Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


General Manager

When I have the opportunity to connect with a resident, I find joy. The opportunities we have to experience meaningful connections within our home are beautiful, and to me, this is one of the main reasons I became a nurse, and later, a General Manager. Whether having a brief chat about our day, sharing a laugh, or being still together in grief, I am so thankful and honoured to be able to share my days with the Creekstone family of residents, their loved ones and our wonderful staff. I am often taken aback with gratitude when I consider the opportunities we have to care for, connect and celebrate, each day at Creekstone.

When I’m not at Creekstone Care Center, I can usually be found outdoors; I love to run, ride road and gravel bikes, hike and spend time near the ocean or, in the mountains. I also have a great love for animals and as such, my family and I have welcomed many into our home. Currently, we have two dogs, four cats, a bearded dragon and a few fish – most of whom came to us through various rescue opportunities. I also really do enjoy travelling, and spending time with my extended family, around the world.

Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Director of Care

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Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Director of Clinical Practice & Safety

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Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Support Services Manager

I like working at Creekstone. This is a team with a can-do attitude. You can always see the progress of the project from idea to completion. My favorite thing about Creekstone is that it is like a home. Everyone has a clear goal to be busy and make our home more comfortable and warm.

I like to travel and I love food, but last year and this year’s travel plans were cancelled. After the pandemic began, my free time is basically studying new recipes at home or taking my little one to the park to play.

Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Recreation Manager

Allowing space in creating possibilities is my biggest take in creating joy in Creekstone. I enjoy sharing my interest and ideas in creating, building and developing programs and activities for connection, stimulation and interaction. I like to keep an open mind and explore all the possibilities to make an impact in our resident’s lives.

I enjoy being active and practice yoga and meditation. I like exploring outdoors by walking, biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, snow shoeing and snowboarding. Recently, I started to explore the world of pole fitness. I love the challenge and I am fascinated with the way the body moves, adapt and transform.

Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Social Worker & Wellness Manager

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Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre



Having grown up in North Vancouver, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to be part of the team at Creekstone Care Centre. It is such a special feeling to be able to contribute back to the community that raised me. The most rewarding part of my work is spending time and connecting with residents. Whether I’m just passing by to cheer them on in their game of ladder ball or if I’m sitting down and learning about their life stories, our residents bring a smile to my face every time I come to work.

Like many North Vancouver locals, I feel so lucky to be steps away from nature. When I’m not at work, I can often be found taking advantage of the vast network of beautiful trails in North Van. On more adventurous days, I can be found rolling around town on two wheels and more recently, floating in lakes on paddle powered vessels.

Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Maintenance Manager

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Ashleigh of Creekstone Care Centre


Business Services Manager & Accountant

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