Creating joy in life & aging by caring, connecting and celebrating.

Creating joy in life & aging by caring, connecting and celebrating.

Welcome to Hamilton Village Care Centre!

Our newly designed and built care home is surrounded by nature and agricultural lands while nestled within the community of Hamilton Village.

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We are proud of having a diverse team that take caring for seniors seriously! We are inclusive and enjoy creating joy while meaningfully connecting with each other and our seniors.

Come and make a difference to seniors’ joy and lives today!

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We take the health, wellness, and safety of each team member seriously. Our Healthy Workplace program we offer knowledge, tools, and connections to resources to support the team in many ways including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Our safety star program is recognized as a leading practice in ensuring safety awareness and compliance at our care home. Be aware, take care!

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Hamilton Village is home to 135 seniors with complex health needs and require 24-7 care including nursing. We are a caring community where we honour and strive to create joy in life and aging. We know that we have an opportunity each day to make a difference in the lives of seniors!
We provide funded services in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Our recreation connections team engage with each and every senior to live their interests and spark new relationships with team members including volunteers.

Our hospitality team provide amazing cuisine where seniors and families have opportunity to guide the choices available.

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About Hamilton Village

Opened in 2020, our care home is nestled within the newly rejuvenated, vibrant community of Hamilton Village. We are out of the busy Vancouver downtown area and surrounded by nature and agricultural lands.

Hamilton Village is a private, BC-based family-owned business and managed by Trellis Seniors Services. As part of the Trellis family, a recognized leader in seniors care and services, there is a support system that guides how we care for seniors and create warm and inviting homes where everyone can find joy in life and aging.

Our purpose is to create an environment where people feel very comfortable and safe within our home-like and neighbourhood setting; where they will enjoy beautifully appointed common areas and an abundance of natural light; where meals will be freshly cooked on site, and where a variety of recreation programs will support connection with others while having fun!

Our Vision & Values
Hamilton Village Care Centre (“Hamilton Village”) is a BC-based family-owned company that opened in April 2020. The journey to create the home started late in 2014 when Vancouver Coastal Health issued a Request for Proposal to find a successful long term care service partner. Our company was selected as that partner and late in 2016, we commenced construction of the building.
Hamilton Village is now home to 135 residents and offers quality long term care services. It is operated by a dynamic team of caring and knowledgeable people under the management of Trellis Seniors Services, led by Mary McDougall. Trellis values long term relationships and chooses to partner with people and organizations with similar values. We work under contract terms with the Ministry of Health and take our duty to serve very seriously. We are driven to promote excellence, which focuses on quality to deliver a safe, respectful, and rewarding environment for everyone involved. We are a group of inspired leaders who will make a difference to seniors care!

Our care centre is part of the larger community of Hamilton Village on Gilley Road. The area is rich with history of community enjoyment such as the much enjoyed Cosmic bowling alley where many a birthday celebration is fondly remembered. The rejuvenated community is responding to the need of the community for modern urban living with a market square and expected upgrades such as on-street bike lanes and enhanced pedestrian crossings. With nearby access to river walks and parks and tree-lined streets, this community is an enjoyable setting for our seniors and families.

There are two important parts to our name, which help define who we are.
The first is Hamilton Village, which honours our community and our location. This special area of Richmond where we are located has evolved and grown and seeks to retain an individual identity. ‘Hamilton Village’ is a community within the broader Richmond community and that mirrors how care homes operate too. For those reasons, it is proudly the first part of the name.

The second part of our name is Care. We give tender attention to the Residents who come to live here as well as their families. Through skilled and thoughtful acts and kind words, we give from our hearts, bringing our expertise and compassion to serve our residents’ needs. We care for our environment, and are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
We are excited and proud of our name as Hamilton Village Care Centre, in honour of the community and the people.


23111 Garripie Avenue,
Richmond, British Columbia
V6V 0C1 | 1-604-555-1212


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