Share Your Ideas!

We are looking for 12-15 people (representing a combination of Residents, family members and team members) to be part of planning the move ahead to Silverstone. Job duties include:

  • Brainstorm ways to make the change go as smooth as possible for everyone;
  • Gathering input from others and report back about questions or concerns; and
  • Being an early adopter of change by supporting the process.

To qualify for a potential Move Advisor role, you are a current resident, family member or staff member at either Shorncliffe or Totem Lodge and you wish to:

  • Be part of meetings (up to a total of 4 hours) to give input and brainstorm ideas around the areas of change;
  • Share communication with your colleagues and community as a way to gather new ideas, questions or other concerns; and
  • Receive recognition of thanks for this role at the celebration event in May 2024.

We hope you will apply and join in to help!

Move Advisor Application Form

Move Advisor, Sechelt, BC