We start with the Resident

This means that you, the Resident, is at the heart centre of everything we do.  We offer Person and Family-centered Care based on best practices for Long Term Care organizations.  It is our role, along with involving many others including your Family and Friends, to support you in your life’s journey.  Our focus on Quality of Life as we seek ways to help you find meaning and enjoyment in day-to-day living.  We understand that you are much more than a diagnosis.  We see you as a whole person with feelings, wishes, rights and life experiences wrapped with your current mental and physical abilities.

We honour the BC Resident Bill of Rights and commit to protecting these rights within a community-living setting.  With your help, we can find harmony and joy in living together with others while remaining true to the Rights of each Resident.  Like family-style living, this means we may need to compromise sometimes and be flexible with the solutions.

Design & building the care home

Being resident focussed our journey to serve seniors starts from the design and planning of each building. Selecting the perfect site location where seniors can engage fully with the surrounding community is our starting point. Our homes are thoughtfully and purposefully designed to create small neighborhoods that are cozy and comforting with private dining areas and a lounge that emulates the homes we all grew up in. Using best practices in serving seniors with physical and cognitive declines we incorporate design ideas in layout and interior finishes that will best support residents in their daily lives in the home.

Our Philosophy of Long term Seniors Care

  • Just like a personal home, a long-term care home is a place for living and joy, and should be a place each resident is proud of.
  • We are person-centered and ensure dignity and choice are fundamental in everything we do. We are committed to providing a respectful and flexible environment, and we understand the importance of personal preferences in our social, cultural, dining and daily living routines to maintain a strong sense of self.
  • Understanding each unique person in care – who they are and what is important to them – is critical in supporting their quality of life through aging.
  • Our care respects and works with the laws of nature. Residents benefit from a slower pace and value familiar settings, the comfort of visitors and the stimulation of activities and programs that support daily purpose.
  • Long-term care is a place for end-of-life passing. As people age, a peaceful passing at end of life is preferred. Most residents have a Do-Not-Resuscitate order:  they do not seek intervention with flashing lights, sirens and hospital rooms.  We adhere to their expressed wishes, and believe that no one should die alone.

Dining & hospitality

Residents enjoy dining services in the intimate dining room of their own neighborhood. Delicious and healthy meals and snacks are offered, catered to individual meal requirements for each resident. Being served good food by a friendly and caring team provides comfort to all and opportunities to connect and enjoy each other’s company!

Recreation & Volunteers

We have creative teams that excel in engaging and connecting with residents, 7 days a week. The programs provide positive interactions that are fun and stimulating and range from one-on-one to small group and even large group gatherings to create meaningful moments to each resident.  We offer a variety of events and entertainment that speak to the 5 dimensions of wellness ie. Intellectual, social, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.