Melissa of Hamilton Village


General Manager

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Novies of Hamilton Village


Director of Care

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Ian, Hamilton Village


Assistant Director of Care

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Jenny of Hamilton Village


Support Services Manager

Maintaining a clean environment and striving for resident satisfaction of our services are my goals at Hamilton Village Care Centre. I am fortunate to work with so many amazing people and to create joy together here. The support that we have for each other is my favourite part of the Hamilton Village community.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family. Whether it is walking in nature, playing board games, cooking with my children, or watching our favourite movies, I enjoy every moment of it.

Kristal of Hamilton Village


Recreation Manager

When people ask me what I do, I delightfully share my passion in Therapeutic Recreation. My job at Hamilton Village gives me a sense of fulfillment from having the opportunity to put a smile on my residents’ faces during a recreation program or even when I simply pass by the hallway. Our residents’ smiles and laughter remind me of the reason I do what I do. We provide activities that are purposeful and have meaning to them and our goal is to create joy and connections among residents, staff, and the community at large.

As a professional singer whose hobby was put on hold because of COVID, it is hard for me not to be able to sing and bring entertainment to people. Fortunately, part of my job at TR is to provide emotional support through music. I get to sing for my residents while I am still working! What a great way to combine the two!

If someone asks why I love my job at Hamilton Village, I say it is because of the amazing impact that recreation programs have on the quality of living for our residents and I am proud to be a part of that.

Andrea, Hamilton Village


Social Worker & Wellness Manager

The most rewarding park of my work at Hamilton village is making connections with the residents who live here. One of my main strengths is listening to people, and everyone has something interesting to tell. I look forward to coming to work every day, working with a great team of individuals and I take every day as an opportunity to learn something new.

My biggest joy in life is my daughter and watching her grow into an amazing, kind and creative person! But keeping busy and being on the move also brings me joy outside of work. I like to spend time outside at the beach and in the mountains, just as long as it’s not raining too hard…a little rain is ok!



Care Supervisor & Coach

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Shannon, Hamilton Village


Business Services Manager & Accountant

Working in this stimulating environment is very rewarding! Human kindness overflows and you’re surrounded by a great group of individuals who all have a focus on the same goal of ensuring the Residents at Hamilton Village have all the support and comforts they deserve to enjoy every day.

When I’m not at work I love spending time with family and friends on the weekends at home or away on vacation in the sunshine. I find cooking very relaxing and I love to turn up the music and hang out in my garden. These are all things I consider treasures in my personal life.



Maintenance Manager

Working at Hamilton Village Care Centre gives me a great opportunity to bestow my maintenance experience in full, filling the needs of the residents and the home itself. It also gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and support services with the care team for their safety and wellbeing. I believe in staying positive and helping others find joy in difficulty situations. I am proud to be part of the Trellis Family and to contribute my maintenance services in a meaningful way which will make a difference to the senior’s day to day living.

Outside of work I have a passion for golfing. It gives me inner strength and keeps me motivated to stay on task. Apart from playing golf, I like to spend quality time with my family and reconnect with friends. I am also a big fan of the World Sevens Rugby Series and my teams are Canada, South Africa and Fiji.




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