The Hamilton Village Team

This is Team Hamilton Village. Yes, we are different and we’re proud of it! Everyone in our team believes in creating joy ….for our seniors and for each other. One way is by caring. We care by speaking and acting with kindness. We listen carefully, are inclusive, lend a hand to others that need support, stay positive and help others find the joy in difficult situations.

Connecting also creates joy. We are human beings and we thrive when we have the right people around us. Joy at work comes from having a friend on the team and by feeling that you are connected to others. We laugh together, solve challenges as a team and make meaningful connections with others, seniors and families included.

Joy loves a good party! So, let’s celebrate the big milestones and the small ones too. We appreciate all things, big and small. Often we toast only the big events in life but in reality, there is often something special about the little things too. At Hamilton Village we want to be the best care home at celebrating.

Meet our leadership team:


General Manager


Care Manager
Picture coming soon – just out creating some caring connections 😊


Clinical Practice & Safety Manager


Support Services Manager


Social Worker
Picture coming soon – just out creating some caring connections 😊


Maintenance Manager


Picture coming soon – just out celebrating and tasting some new creations 😊

Business Services
Picture coming soon – just out making caring and supporting our team 😊