We are passionately committed to serving seniors and we believe we can make a difference in the life.  Our vision, mission and core values guide us in our daily actions and decisions.

Our Vision:

To create joy in life and aging and to create a comfortable home that emphasized living and aging in unique ways that bring joy to our residents, their families and our service team while ensuring overall safety and respect.

Our Mission:

By caring, connecting and celebrating we achieve our vision. It defines how we show up and how we work together each and every day. We CARE about residents, families and each other; We CONNECT with things that truly matter; We take the time to CELEBRATE and give thanks.

Our Values:

Are teamwork, a passion for learning, working with a positive outlook, being flexible and acting with accountability.

Our vision, mission and values become reality when placed on top of a strong foundation. The Trellis foundation encompasses five strategic pillars that help achieve our vision and mission and align with our values.

We share in your journey and ask for directions. We seek to understand each resident and their specific needs and wishes; and we balance this with ensuring the safety and comfort of all residents in our care. Honouring dignity and choice is fundamental in everything we do, as we understand the importance of personal preferences in our social, cultural, dining and daily living routines to maintain a strong sense of self and creating joy every day!

In honouring the quality of life of each resident, we recognize that sometimes risk is inherent and important in living. We look to preventing harm while celebrating an individual’s rights and choice. Our policies, procedures, and education reflect a culture that continuously adapts for the best outcome for each resident and family.

Our culture is one of continuous improvement in quality through evidence-based best practices and innovation. We are guided by the quality framework of Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Program, monitor our key indicators and seek continuous feedback from residents, families, staff and health authorities. Residents and families are partners in providing care and the home environment.

We embrace a respectful environment: one that is kind, healthy, and safe. We value diversity and inclusivity and have no space for disrespect, harassment or bullying.

We accept social, environmental and economic responsibility and look for ways to act with stewardship and responsibility for our resources.

We are deeply committed to cultivating a culture that reflects these pillars.  At Trellis, they are the reason we have:

  • Long term relationships;
  • High team engagement and low turnover;
  • Strong recommendations from Residents and families;
  • The confidence of the Health Authorities as service partners;
  • High ratings from Accreditation Canada; and
  • Membership with Excellence Canada.