Moving can be very stressful unless it is well planned and organized

To help with your transition into our home, we suggest you carefully review the Resident Handbook as it provides helpful tips and suggestions about what to bring with you. We also encourage you to have friends and family ready to assist with your move and that you  pack a bag with some essentials so you can relocate quickly, if needed. And remember that we’re here to help too!

As with any move, it’s always a good idea to let family, friends, people and providers know that you’re moving, and give them your new address.

These are the most important steps that you and your family should take to prepare for the move:

  • Review your eligibility for available benefits, such as Guaranteed Income Supplement or Veterans Affairs benefits
  • Arrange for a Power of Attorney or a Representation Agreement
  • Talk about future wishes for health care treatment with your family and family physician
  • Confirm whether your family doctor will continue to provide medical care after the move
  • Make a list of places that will need a change of address notification, including BC Medical Services Plan, Canada Post, your bank and insurance companies and social organizations. Many residential care facilities prefer that your business mail is redirected to your designated financially responsible person rather than delivered onsite.
  • Review budget planning to include the costs of residential care accommodation that will be payable on admission and monthly after that

The list of people you need to contact in addition to your family and friends may include:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Optician

As well, some service providers you may want to notify are:

  • Gas/electricity companies
  • City Utilities

Before you move, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to bring with you. Favorite small items, such ornaments, pictures, and books, are a perfect way to personalize your room. To help you get started, please consider first what is provided as part of your stay including:

  • A fully-electric and adjustable bed complete with a specialized mattress for good skincare & hygiene,
  • Comfortable, soft bedding including pillows and extra blankets;
  • A bedside table, reading lamp, and private storage space;
  • A wardrobe, dresser and lounge chair;
  • Towels and general hygiene items; and
  • Window covering including a roller blind and valence.

To personalize your space, we invite you to bring a few small furnishings. Some ideas of what you may want to include are:

  • Wall pictures and photos (max. 5– max. 24″x24″ ea.), decorative ornaments and/or a few books;
  • A special blanket or comforter to decorate your bed;
  • Personal toiletries that you prefer to use;
  • A flat-screen television (max. 32″);
  • Plants with water protected base that are appropriate and safe for a residential care home;
  • Recliner chair (no rocker or swivel) in exchange for the lounge chair provided by Gemstone;
  • Any ONE of the following pieces of furniture:
    • One Bookshelf (max. 24″ length, 30″ height, 24″ depth) OR
    • One Desk (max . 24″ length, 30″ height, 24″ depth) OR
    • One Curio cabinet (max. 24″ length, 30″ height, 24″ depth)

Please note that any and all personal furnishing items must be appropriately cleaned and maintained by the resident/representative. Our commitment to safety requires that any items deemed unsafe by management will be removed immediately. It is also important to know that as a resident’s needs change, items that were previously acceptable may need to be removed. For example, changes in mobility may require extra space and items to be removed.

When packing your personal items, we recommend you review the checklist which includes the following:

  • Daytime clothing
  • Two or three sets of night clothes
  • A bath robe
  • Slippers
  • A supply of toiletries
  • Socks or stockings
  • Underwear
  • A coat or jacket
  • Medicines
  • Mobility aids (personal walker and/or wheelchair)

Please note that our home operates a commercial laundry service so make sure you label your clothes before you arrive and that they are suitable for a central washing service. Our minimum temperature wash is 40°C, so check washing instructions. We encourage you to only bring items that can be handled by this service. However, if you choose to bring delicate items, please arrange for family and friends to help by washing them or by taking them to the dry cleaners. These items should be clearly marked and our home cannot be responsible for any damage.

We recommend that any valuables are not brought with you and instead, be stored elsewhere since we cannot be responsible for their protection. However, if you choose to bring valuable items, we encourage you to consider purchasing insurance coverage separately as we do not provide insurance for your personal possessions.

We work very hard to provide a safe environment for everyone, but given the nature of our residents and the range of cognitive conditions, we cannot ensure that small personal valuables are protected from loss.

We want your new home to feel just that – home.

When you first arrive, we give you, your friends and family time to adjust to your new surroundings. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the home team. The staff team will give you a guided tour of the home, tell you about meal times and activities and introduce you to some of the other residents and members of our staff team.

Your family or friends can then help you unpack or, if you prefer, we can help. Once your loved ones leave, our team will spend time getting to know you – unless you’d prefer to relax and be alone.

Take time to get to know your new home and feel comfortable. If you have any questions, the manager and any other member of our team will be happy to help answer them.

Soon after you arrive at the home our Care Team in collaboration with you and your family will prepare a comprehensive care plan, which sets out your care needs and personal preferences and helps us get everything just right for you. Your care plan is unique to you and covers all the details of your care.

We’ll ask you about things like:

  • Personal routines;
  • General likes and dislikes;
  • Any medication you’re taking;
  • Favorite activities, interests, and hobbies;
  • How you’d like to be helped by the staff on a day-to-day basis to maintain your dignity;
  • What you like to eat and drink (and what you don’t like);
  • Your sleep patterns; and
  • Anything else you’d like to share that will help us in your care.

It is important to outline the Resident’s beliefs, values, and wishes for their future care. When a capable adult does advance care planning, their close family or trusted friends and health care providers know the adult’s wishes for health care treatment and can respect them in the event the adult is incapable of deciding for themselves when the care is needed.

preparing to move in

We’re Here to Help

From day one, the management, recreation and care teams will spend time getting to know the things you like to do. They’ll help you keep up with the things you love. And if you fancy trying something new, they’ll help with that too!

Whether you enjoying doing – a chat over coffee, potting in the garden, enjoying a book from the library, listening to music, collecting the daily newspaper or helping with the laundry – we’re here to help you do it.

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