Families, Residents, Staff, and managers all work together to ensure the best quality of safe care in our home. We appreciate your support and want to hear about your experience in our home.

The following brochures provide information and avenues for you to give us feedback and understand what you can expect from us when things don’t go as planned.

We rely on hearing from you to understand if we are providing the quality of care we strive for and that the Families and Residents expect and deserve. We commit to being fair and objective as we respond to feedback, always considering and protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

he rights and welfare of our Residents is a key priority at our site. The Province of BC has mandated compliance with the Residents’ Bill of Rights and it prominently posted to demonstrate that requirement.

View the Ministry of Health – Residents’ Bill of Rights to learn more about your rights while living in a Residential Care Facility.

Feedback and Complaints

Conversations When Things Go Wrong

Quality of Care at Trellis

Our care homes are accredited with Accreditation Canada. We participate in surveys every 4 years. During our most recent survey in 2019 we were awarded Accreditation with Commendation. This is an honour as we have excelled and reached a higher level of accreditation that is a testament of our commitment to quality and providing exceptional care and service. We will continue as leaders in seniors’ services with the confidence of Accreditation Canada and the Health Authorities. Our continued commitment to delivering exceptional care and service requires ongoing investment in quality improvement.

Who is Accreditation Canada and what is accreditation?

Officially established in 1958, Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of health care systems in Canada and across the globe through the rigorous process of accreditation. Through their accreditation programs, they work with health care organizations like Trellis to help them improve quality, safety, and efficiency so they can offer you the best possible care and service. An affiliate of the Health Standards Organization (HSO), Accreditation Canada works to ensure excellent health care services are offered to the public across the globe. For more updates from Accreditation Canada and HSO, read the irregular newsletters.
The accreditation process is rigorous! It includes a review of our policies and operating processes, as well as ensuring all staff are well educated and informed about how to deliver exceptional care and service. We embrace continuous improvement and as such remain actively finding ways to further improve.

Any concerns or questions regarding rights, welfare or other matters impacting Resident service should be immediately reported. The process for making a complaint is as follows:

Step 1: Speak with the Nurse Team Leader or Department Manager. If the matter is still unresolved, then

Step 2: Contact the General Manager either in person or by phone or email.

Step 3: Report the matter to the Health Authority’s Community Care Liaison or the Case Manager. If the matter remains unresolved, then proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Notify Licensing by calling BC toll-free 1 800 663-7867 and ask to be connected to your health authority’s Community Care Licensing Office or visit www.health.gov.bc.ca/ccf/complaints.html for more information.

Step 5: Contact Provincial Level Support including:

Additional details of the above process are outlined in the following link: www.health.gov.bc.ca/ccf/complaints.html

For some residents, there may be circumstances identified where the resident is perceived to be living “at risk” with a potential safety and/or health concern. In these circumstances, a Managed Risk Agreement between the resident, their physician or the Medical Director and the home is initiated. This agreement defines a mutually acceptable level of choice and risk for specific situation(s) that will be honoured for that resident.

Another important means of protecting the rights and welfare of our Residents is through purposeful meetings. The Ethics Committee exists as a structure that seeks the input and perspective of a diverse skill base who assemble to consider issues that impact resident rights and welfare. The Quality Council focuses on service quality and is involved in ensuring the rights and welfare of residents are protected through procedures of audit, review, and recommendations.

To ensure quality operations, the most recent Licensing report issued must be visibly posted at each care home. This is a legislated condition for all care facilities and it is a contravention of the License for failure to comply. You can review this information on-site or for further information about Inspection Reports, refer to the health authority website.

Care Team at Trellis