August 15, 2021

A Love Story: Bea and Gordon Sanderson

Here at Hamilton Village, we get to witness love in all shapes and sizes every day. The ever lasting relationship between Bea and Gordon Sanderson is another reminder to us that love persists regardless of one’s circumstances.

Bea was working at the Hospital for Infectious Disease in England when she met Gordon Sanderson who loved being a farmer.

One night Bea attended a dance at the Barnes Hotel where she accepted an invitation from Gordon to dance. At the time for Bea, it was just a “normal Waltz” and she did not realize that she had just met the love of her life. After the dance Gordon continued to see Bea, walking her to her shift at the hospital where she was working night duty. These walks were the start of a courtship that developed into spending every chance they could together.

After months of dating, Bea and Gordon married in 1948 at St. Matthew’s Church. They were blessed with 2 children; Geraldine and Karen, while in England.

Not too long after, Gordon heard that the government of Canada was advertising men to join their workforce which sparked his interest. Gordon left Bea in England and flew to Canada to see how farming was done over there. Although the farming was different to farming in England, Gordon decided he wanted to give Canada a try. Gordon went back to England and told Bea he wanted to immigrate to Canada with her and the girls. Bea packed up their bags and in 1957 the family came to Canada to start a new life.

They started their new beginning in Courtenay, where they had their third daughter, Sherry. After a few years, they moved to Nanaimo, then Terrace, Princeton, and finally retired in Summerland where their 9 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren loved to visit. Not bad for 73 years of marriage!

Today, Bea and Gordon enjoy all the activities they get to do together. Wherever Gordon goes, Bea follows. This couple is inseparable. They remind all of us at Hamilton Village that true love is real and it lasts forever.

Trellis Seniors - residents
Trellis Seniors - residents